2024 Cadillac Celestiq Preview


Representing the next step in modern Cadillac luxury, welcome Cadillac’s new all-electric flagship sedan, the Cadillac Celestiq. Slated for 2024 model year production, this future addition to Cadillac’s electric division feels absolutely magical as the Cadillac brand ignites a sense of wonder with one of the most important additions to the Cadillac lineup ever. The Celestiq will join an all-electric lineup already featuring the luxury SUV 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ as the brand moves into the electric future of automotive. As the world increases its focus on electric vehicles and charging options, don’t get left in the dust. Follow along with the experts at McGee Motors as we take you through some of the upcoming highlights of the new Cadillac Celestiq.

Art Meets Automotive

From the inside out, there’s no doubt that the Celestiq is truly a step into the future of automotive design. The creative designers behind the Celestiq dropped classic vehicle design in favour of the avant-garde, with the released images and video so far displaying a striking red interior with gorgeously contrasted black stitching, resembling an interior that feels as unique as it does alien.

New Generation Technology

The Celestiq brings a full array of futuristic technology to pair with its beautiful design. At the centre of your infotainment is a 55” Diagonal Advanced LED Display contained within a single uninterrupted piece of glass. Explore a new generation of infotainment technology and layout with 5 individual high-definition LED displays, giving every passenger a sublime infotainment experience. If that wasn’t enough, the Celestiq also features a Smart Glass Roof, for a stunning view of your surroundings and an unmatched connection to nature.

Upcoming Ultra Cruise

Cadillac’s Ultra Cruise technology is the next step in semi-autonomous driving for the brand, as the successor to Cadillac’s Super Cruise technology. Ultra Cruise is set to cover 2 million roads and 3.4 million miles in the U.S. and Canada. Containing more sensors than Cadillac’s Super Cruise, Ultra Cruise is ready to fully change your Cadillac driving experience. Look for Ultra Cruise appearing on select Cadillac models for 2023. Naturally, Ultra Cruise is planned for the 2024 release of the Cadillac Celestiq and though it is in pre-production, its features are set to contain:

  • Ultra Cruise Dynamic Display
  • Full 360-degree Perception
  • Sensor Fusion of cameras, radars and lidars
  • Covers every public paved road in the U.S. and Canada
  • Level 2 Advanced Driver Assistance System
  • Powered by a 5 nanometer scalable architecture

Marking a new era for the Cadillac brand, the Cadillac Celestiq is set for a 2024 debut. Adding a dynamic vehicle to the Cadillac all-electric lineup that already includes the much anticipated Cadillac LYRIQ, get ready to experience Canadian automotive luxury. To learn more about Cadillac electric vehicles, and the rest of the Cadillac model lineup, trust the experts at McGee Motors to keep you updated. Whether you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle in Ontario, McGee has the best luxury vehicles in the province. Don’t forget you can book service with us, shop parts, and more. Contact our Goderich dealership and get started by booking a test drive.