Cadillac EV Charging Guide


As society has now required cords and batteries for almost every electronic device imaginable, it seems only natural that just like your cell phone you’ll be able to plug in and conveniently charge your vehicle. As strange as it feels, that future is now, and as the automotive industry has experienced an electrifying renaissance in the last decade with more and more all-electric vehicles accessible and available to the mainstream consumer. Cadillac is fully on board, making its own history with its very first all-electric vehicle, the 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ. With more and more people making the switch to electric vehicles, questions surely arise about the new norm, how do I charge my Cadillac EV (electric vehicle)? Is it easy and accessible? Luckily, the folks here at McGee Motors can help answer all of your questions about EV charging. Read on with our team to learn about the convenience and efficiency of charging your brand new EV!

Charging Choices

Unlike hitting the pump at a gas station, electricity is accessible for your EV from many different sources. There are multiple ways to charge your Cadillac EV, all with varying degrees of effectiveness.

120-Volt Power Supply

Easy and accessible, as this represents any 3-pronged outlet, get an estimated 5.5 km of electric range per hour of charge from this readily available source. This is a great option if you’re looking to top off your charge.

240-Volt Power Supply

Likely only available from your at-home charging station and at other public charging stations, this source drastically increases your charging range per hour, GM estimates 83 km for one hour of charging! Leaving your EV plugged into this source overnight likely guarantees a full battery charge.

Fast DC Charging

The best option for getting juice to your EV in a timely fashion, 10 minutes gives you an estimated 122 km. Available only at charging stations, this source fast-tracks you to getting back on the road.

Unsure about locating a Charging Station?

Downloading the MyCadillac mobile app and MyCadillac Energy Assist is a great place to get started as you can keep tabs on your battery charge and performance, as well as to find fast-charging stations on your commutes. Ample charging stations are available in urban areas, and with more and more fast-charging stations being added, charging your vehicle quickly becomes easier and easier as EV popularity grows.

Plan Ahead for Your Road Trip

Yes, you can take your EV on that road trip you’ve been dying to go on, however, just like travel in general, planning is one of your best resources. Plan out your route to include fast-charging stations along the way, so your washroom and coffee break also includes charging your EV!


Benefits of EV?

Though electric vehicles generally command a higher starting price, greater savings come to the consumer in the long run as highlighted benefits of driving and owning an electric vehicle include:

  • Lively EV acceleration from instantaneous torque
  • No tailpipe emissions for a greener planet
  • An EV-specific high-occupancy lane to commute in
  • Savings on traditional petrol fuel costs
  • Government utility incentives, federal and national

Fitting an electric vehicle into your routine is a change, but one we’re sure that many will welcome when drivers discover the modern benefits and conveniences of taking all-electric daily journeys! Just like many are going to be taking in Cadillac’s debut to the electric market, the 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ. Want to learn more about EVs? Or, are you interested in reserving the highly-anticipated 2023 LYRIQ? Let the professionals at McGee Motors Cadillac here in Ontario answer all of your electric vehicle questions. We’re proud to offer a comprehensive automotive experience here in Ontario, whether you’re driving an all-electric, petrol-powered, diesel, or a hybrid vehicle, McGee Motors has you covered. Explore our new and used model inventories, schedule service, and shop genuine Cadillac parts. Our dealership is happy to offer you financing solutions with our handy online credit application. Come down to our Goderich dealership to learn more about the wonders of EVs and test drive your next dream vehicle.

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