Protect Your Cadillac with Protection Plans

Whether you purchase a brand new, or certified pre-owned Cadillac, or choose to lease your model, you should see your Cadillac as an investment. Thankfully, Cadillac has numerous protection plans in place to help preserve your investment and keep you worry-free while you enjoy your vehicle. From customizable plans including multiple tiers, a limited warranty, a vehicle service contract, an EV protection plan and prepaid maintenance, gap coverage, tire and wheel protection and more, the possibilities feel limitless. Explore your protection options with McGee Motors Cadillac as our Goderich team takes you through the comprehensive offerings in place to help protect your Cadillac on the road.

Cadillac Protection Plan

If you’re looking to round out the items protected included on your manufacturer’s warranty, a Cadillac Protection Plan is a fantastic starting point. Choose from three levels of protection: Powertrain, Silver, and Platinum, plan term with up to 8 years and 160,000 km, and cover up to 1,500 parts on your Cadillac model. 

Couple negotiating sale contract for car, back view

Available additional protection covers:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Hybrid/Electric
  • Front Suspension
  • Rear Suspension
  • Climate Control
  • Electrical
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • High Tech
  • Audio
  • Navigation

Additional Benefits 

Cadillac Protection Plans also include a host of other built-in benefits to keep drivers at ease. From full roadside assistance and rental car coverage in case of a breakdown, to trip interruption reimbursement and more. Cadillac Protection plans are also transferable within 30 days of resale or lease assumption. If you wish to cancel, coverage is fully refundable after 30 days if no claim has been filed. With that much flexibility, isn’t it worthwhile to give a Cadillac Protection Plan a chance to work for you?


Other Ways to Protect Your Vehicle

Learn the differences between protection plans, warranties and service plans so that you know what you need with your vehicle purchase and how you are covered.


Limited Warranty

Included with a new vehicle purchase, limited warranties cover a number of important components over a period of time or mileage. All new Cadillac models come with a 4 year/80,000 km warranty. Cadillac’s new vehicle warranty includes Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance, a package that includes services like oil changes, tire rotations, filter replacements and more.


Vehicle Service Contract

Covering the failure of specific parts, vehicle service contracts offer additional protection for an added cost. These can be added at any time after vehicle purchase, and can cover up to 8 years or 160,000 km. Service contracts can be cancelled at any time, or transferred if the vehicle is sold.



EV Specific Protection

Now that you’ve invested in an electric vehicle, it’s worthwhile to consider EV-specific protection plans. Cadillac has an EV-specific Protection Plan that covers a host of parts. Plan ahead and protect your electric vehicle. Also available to consider are EV prepaid maintenance plans, so you can get ahead on paying for your maintenance at today’s prices. Hedge against inflation and explore EV Pre-Paid Maintenance plans.


Gap Coverage

Get added financial protection in the event that your vehicle is declared as a total loss. GAP can partially waive money you have owing on your vehicle finance agreement, helping cover the amount that insurance doesn’t cover. GAP is offered in terms of up to 8 years.


Tire & Wheel Protection

This Cadillac plan covers the cost of repairing or replacing your tires and wheels when damage occurs from both coverage and uncovered road hazards. This can include nails, glass, rocks, potholes, uneven lanes due to repaving, and more. Choose a plan that includes tires, wheels, or both.

Those round up just some of the ways you can choose to protect your new or pre-owned Cadillac. Choose a Cadillac Protection Plan and keep your Cadillac well-maintained for years to come. Don’t forget, you can conveniently shop at home with McGee Motors Cadillac, Explore both our new and used inventories online and take time to research the Cadillac model lineup in full. Book service, today, with our handy technicians, shop parts, and more. Visit our dealership in Goderich and get started on your luxury automotive experience.