New 2022 Cadillac Safety Feature Highlights

Always at the forefront of luxury, performance and technology, the Cadillac brand produces vehicles that year-by-year are engineered to impress and entice those that get behind the wheel. However, coming into 2022, Cadillac is introducing exciting new safety features to its range of models. Highlighting these new improvements to safety in Cadillac vehicles is the Cadillac Smart System, a comprehensive suite of standard safety features coming standard on every Cadillac model. Along with new standard safety features, select Cadillac vehicles are also going to be available with GM’s new Super Cruise technology for a semi-autonomous hands-free driving experience. Follow along with the team here at McGee Motors Cadillac in Goderich as we walk you through the new changes coming to Cadillac safety features in 2022.

Cadillac Smart System

Increase your peace of mind and hit the road with confidence thanks to the Cadillac Smart System, the new suite of safety features that come standard across all Cadillac models. Cadillac Smart System Features include:

  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Forward collision alert
  • Front pedestrian braking
  • Safety Alert Seat
  • Rear park assist
  • Rear vision camera
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Teen Driver
  • Rear seat reminder

Smart System Highlights

Safety Alert Seat

Small motors in your driver's seat will pulse to the right, left, or both sides to indicate the direction of a potential collision, helping direct the attention of the driver to oncoming hazards. Working in tandem with Rear Cross Traffic Alert, your seat will pulse to the side of the dangerous cross traffic approaching. Safety Alert Seat will pulse on both sides working in tandem with Rear Park Assist if you’re approaching a collision with an object behind you, and with Forward Collision Alert if you’re approaching a collision with an object in front of you.

Teen Driver

Giving the parents the tools they need to encourage safe driving habits for their teenagers, Cadillac’s Teen Driver defaults the active safety features in your vehicle so all are engaged. The Teen Driver system will mute the radio if detected front-seat occupants are not wearing their seat belts, allow parents to set limits on both audio and vehicle speed, and give the driver additional speed limit indicators.

Rear Seat Reminder

This Cadillac technology reminds you to look in your rear seat before exiting the vehicle, reminding the driver of a left behind pet or child. Rear Seat Reminder will activate when a second-row door is opened. The Rear Seat Reminder contains five audible chimes along with a message to your Cadillac’s Driver Information Center (DIC) reading, “Rear Seat Reminder Look in Rear Seat.”


Other Available Advanced Safety Technology

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Blind Zone Steering Assist
  • Enhanced Automatic Parking Assist
  • Enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Following Distance Indicator
  • Front Pedestrian Braking with Bicyclist Detection
  • HD Surround Vision
  • Rear Cross Traffic Braking
  • Rear Pedestrian Alert
  • Reverse Automatic Braking
  • Side Bicyclist Alert

Don’t sacrifice safety with your next luxury vehicle, the new Cadillac Smart System suite of safety features is here to give you that extra confidence you need on every drive. Standard on every Cadillac model, numerous other advanced safety features are available to suit your needs and driving style. Explore more safety and technology options from the experts here at McGee Motors Cadillac located in Goderich, Ontario. Our knowledgeable team can answer all of your Cadillac related questions. Discover new and used Cadillac models in our dealership inventory as you search for your next dream vehicle. Don’t forget to schedule service, shop genuine Cadillac parts, and so much more. Contact our Goderich dealership and book a test drive to get your automotive journey started.