2024 Cadillac Celestiq in Ontario

Cadillac’s new all-electric flagship sedan is coming to Ontario, so get ready for the bespoke ultra-luxury experience of the 2024 Cadillac Celestiq. Extremely exclusive and limited in production, the Celestiq is set to push the boundaries of top-tier luxury and customization. Enthusiasts must first inquire with Cadillac Canada to be considered for purchasing a Celesiq. First, let’s fully explore the hype of the Celestiq as the team at McGee Motors Cadillac highlights the features of this new ultra-luxurious Cadillac EV.


Design Palates

Forget typical vehicle colour options, the Celestiq embraces its avant-garde personality and delivers numerous inspired colour palettes for enthusiasts to consider and embrace. Each palate is artistically driven. Celestiq designers take inspiration ranging from minimalist to maximalist, the core of automotive sport and even the cosmos. Personas include:

  • Magnetic
  • Aurora
  • Mist
  • Vale

Lighting Choreography

Expressive and eye-catching, the Celestiq draws onlookers in with its extravagant premium LED lighting, with unique choreography for numerous situations. Walking by the car, starting, locking, and more will all result in a unique LED animation.


Bespoke Comfort

Lounge in the carefully curated cabin of the Celestiq. Just like its exterior, every available design palate communicates a radically different feeling from the other. Drivers and passengers will be in awe of Celestiq’s luxury materials and energy while they enjoy the ClimateSense™ four-zone microclimate system that can individualize comfort for every passenger—a Cadillac first for this unique luxury sedan.

Smart Glass Roff

Stunning vehicle occupants and onlookers with its large sloping glass roof, the Celestiq intrigues and continues to push boundaries. Cadillac is putting comfort and choice into the hands of every occupant as the Celestiq delivers an industry-first smart glass roof, letting every occupant control the transparency of the glass roof in their quadrant.


LED HD Interactive Displays

Pairing innovative technology with stunning design, the Celestiq offers five advanced LED HD interactive displays. Another Cadillac first, these displays are customizable and can be tailored to the needs of every occupant.

Ultra-Luxury Infotainment

The Celestiq goes above and beyond, offering a 55” Diagonal Advanced LED Display, stored beneath a single uninterrupted piece of glass. Function and connectivity meet high art in the 2024 Cadillac Celestiq.

Ultra Cruise

Cadillac’s Ultra Cruise technology is the successor to the semi-autonomous Super Cruise technology seen on the majority of the Cadillac model lineup. Ultra Cruise ups the ante by covering more roads, offers a first-of-its-kind sensor suite for 360-degree vehicle views, and much more. Highlights include:

  • Ultra Cruise Dynamic Display
  • Full 360-degree Perception
  • Sensor Fusion of cameras, radars and lidars
  • Covers every public paved road in the U.S. and Canada
  • Level 2 Advanced Driver Assistance System
  • Powered by a 5-nanometer scalable architecture


Performance-Forward Engineering

Dynamic in nature, the 2024 Celestiq has masterful engineering to thank for its athleticism. The Celestiq has achieved Cadillac’s lowest-ever coefficient of drag paired with Cadillac’s most advanced suspension system ever. Highlighted features include:

  • Advanced All-Wheel Drive
  • Adaptive Air Suspension with Magnetic Ride Control
  • Active Rear Steering
  • Active Roll Control (Cadillac first)

Taking zero emissions and adding bespoke design, artful luxury and a sense of wonder, Cadillac has taken EVs to a place not thought possible with the 2024 Celestiq. This all-electric luxury sedan will be extremely limited in production, inquire about building your very own Celestiq with Cadillac Canada. In the meantime, explore the rest of the new or used Cadillac models at McGee Cadillac in Ontario. Whether you need service, parts, or anything else, contact our Goderich dealership today.