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You expect a superior driving experience when behind the wheel of your Cadillac, and any required service or maintenance shouldn’t be any different. At McGee Motors Cadillac it isn’t, we provide Certified Service for your Cadillac, extending from our top-of-the-line department, certified technicians, and factory-approved parts and accessories. We love your Cadillac just as much as you, and always endeavour to provide a high level of care and dedication when returning your vehicle to its optimal state. Whether it’s something as simple as an oil change, an accessory upgrade or a new set of tires for the season, if it has to do with the livelihood of your Cadillac, our McGee Motors Cadillac Certified Service & Parts department is here to assist.


Certified Service Department

Coming to a Cadillac dealership like ours ensures that only certified technicians who know all the ins and outs of your Cadillac will be dealing with your vehicle. Our staff are specifically trained in Cadillac vehicles and are equipped with the latest tools and technology to provide the top level of service that your Cadillac deserves. Not only do we offer the best quality of service for the entire new and yesteryear models of Cadillac SUVs and sedans, but do so with a variety of benefits for our customers. We’re happy to offer a concierge service, where we’ll pick up your vehicle, bring it to our dealership for service, then drop it back off with you. Night drop-off is available for your convenience, and during business hours we’re proud to have the only dealership service drive-through in Goderich. The Cadillac lineup is slowly becoming more and more electric, and for those of you already with an electric vehicle we have an EV charging station.

Maintenance & Tire Services

It doesn’t matter the service job your Cadillac requires, the skilled team here at McGee Motors Cadillac can get it done. From oil changes to battery replacements to brake repair to something as simple as installing new wiper blades in coordination with our parts department, we’ve got it all covered. If you’re in the market for a new set of tires, whether to replace your current set or to add-on some winter tires or summer tires for the season, we’ll help you shop for the best, which you can also easily do on our website, and then install them in our service centre. Don’t worry about having to store those extra tires in the off months either, we have safe and secure on-site tire storage for your convenience.


Parts & Accessories Department

Every Cadillac that’s produced and that rolls out of our showroom is built to the best quality possible. A quality that must be maintained through any replacement parts or accessory add-ons. Dealing with our dealership ensures your Cadillac received new parts that are genuine and factory-approved, designed to fit exactly in your vehicle and maintain the quality and structural integrity demanded. Our OEM and associated accessories provide both factory-quality and approved manufacturer partner lineups of accessories, so you can improve the convenience, safety, performance or capability of your Cadillac in accordance with brand integrity.

Comprehensive maintenance, parts and accessories service is what we deliver at McGee Cadillac. Certified service and care that you can depend on, implemented by certified technicians and always with genuine and factory-approved products. Book service, order parts and shop accessories from this page, but if there’s anything more you require, please just let us know.